Several churches and organizations have approached MVDCS to have a Hot Buffet Meal and Food Bank outreach program at their churches or organizations, similar to what we are doing at SMAC.  These churches and organizations in Vancouver, who do not have a Hot Buffet Meal and/or Food Bank outreach program at this time, or have an under-serviced program, will offer MVDCS the opportunity to serve additional Beneficiaries in different areas of Metro Vancouver from different needs groups – including seniors, disabled, ethnic and religious groups.

We are searching to locate and setup a Food Preparation Facility (FPF) where the food will be prepared and stored for distribution to the Beneficiaries at SMAC and other churches and organization locations.

If the FPF is suitably located and equipped we expect to be able to serve a hot buffet meal and have a Food Bank at the FPF.

To ensure that MVDCS achieves its plan to alleviate poverty, the following development plan is being implemented:


The Building/Location committee is actively looking for a suitable facility in the area that we wish to service (we are looking for space in East Vancouver or Mount Pleasant area). We hope to locate a space we can lease that is between 2,000 to 4,000 sq.ft. We hope it will already be properly zoned as a restaurant, or food service facility, which is no longer in operation and if possible still equipped with the equipment. The cost of the space is expected to be market rates, depending on the location, configuration and furnishings. Ideally the location will be near a public transportation link.

The space will be divided into the following areas:

Kitchen & Food Preparation – commercial kitchen appliances, counters, and equipment.Dining Area – tables and chairs, plates, cups, glasses, silverware, etc.Food storage (Food Bank) – dry storage for non-refrigerated good and dry goods, refrigerated storage for perishables and freezer storage for frozen food.General purpose area (for offices) – an administration office; a counselling office; storage for non-food items; location for a clothing bank; staff lockers & change rooms; washrooms; etc.

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