The Metro Vancouver Dream Centre Society (MVDCS) was registered as a society in British Columbia on January 15, 2008 (the original registration was "Rainbow Dream Centre Society" but was changed on July 31, 2008). As the word "Dream" in its name suggests, MVDCS aims to empower its beneficiaries to "realise their dreams and destiny in an environment which is supportive, encouraging, spiritually-based and socially grounded."

The Purposes of the Society, as amended on January 2, 2011, and approved by Victoria on January 19, 2011 are:

" To relieve poverty in the Metro Vancouver area by establishing, operating and maintaining a food preparation facility and by providing meal services to assist persons in need."

The Society's Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Name Change, the Constitution & Bylaws and amended Purposes are here:

Certificate of Incorporation
January 15, 2008
Certificate of Name Change
July 31, 2008 
Consitution & Bylaws  Amended Bylaws
January 19, 2011 
thumb CertificateOfIncorporationJan152008  thumb CertificateOfNameChangeJuly312008  thumb SignedConstitutionBylawsJan152008  thumb Resolution_Jan_2_2011

Mailing Address:
Metro Vancouver Dream Centre Society
726 12th Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 4J9 CANADA 


Tel: 604-299-9538 x 9